Why Choose Us

The Baby Swimming Company believes in small class sizes for better results.

Small Classes

We only allow a maximum of five parents and babies in our Wandsworth  pool per class and six in our Wimbledon Classes. This means you get more individual time with your baby and the instructor.

Baby Friendly

Our pools are specially designed for baby swimming. With warm water, low chlorine and baby friendly changing rooms.


Water Nippers Baby Swimming and Toddler Swimming have over 20 years experience in baby and toddler swimming industry.


Our pools and centres have been designed to the guidelines given by The Wandsworth Environmental Health Department and PUTAG, The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group.

We have designed our centres primarily for the use of baby swimming. The pools have a constant temperature of 32-33 degrees. The pool rooms have unique air conditioning systems that constantly check the temperature of the air, reclaims heat for the pool, removes humidity from the room and re-circulates fresh air from outside the building. The changing rooms and passages have commercial non slip lino flooring. The changing rooms also have changing mats, nappy sacks, hygienic wipes and hair driers. The reception area has space for buggies, seating for coffees and high chairs for feeding.


There are a lot of centres that call themselves baby swimming centres but are actually private pools, school pools or municipal pools. When we build our centres we work with The Local Councils to produce a centre that meets their recommendations . Wandsworth Council  gave us their maximum grant to help with the construction of our Wandsworth pool . In order to gain the grant we had to show them that we had the experience and knowledge in the business to provide a service that met with their approval. Once our architect and structural engineer had designed the pool and centre we had to have it passed by building control and the planning department before we could start building.

Health and Safety

When designing a baby swimming centre various factors have to be considered, primarily Health and Safety. To ensure the health and safety of our clients we have installed the best filtering and chemical dosing systems for our pools . We have two 780 diameter sand filters, each with a sand bed of over 1 metre. We have Ultra Violet Light systems. We have a Chemical Dosing System that checks and adjusts the chemical levels in the pool every second of the day and night to ensure safe swimming. The chemical levels in the pool are also checked manually every two hours to make sure they correspond with the dosing machine. Because we are dealing with babies and toddlers we looked very closely at the design of the floors and have rubber mats and non slip flooring . We have worked with Wandsworth Environmental Health and commissioned an independent report by  the chairman of PWTAG ( Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group ) to give us guidance on how our pool should conform with their health and safety guide lines. Our pool is also biologically tested every month.


Before you choose to take your baby to a baby swimming class make sure the centre you are going to follows the proper health and safety guide lines.

If you would like more information please ring us on 07921 39 30 45 or email us at info@thebabyswimmingcompany.co.uk