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We are running photo shoots in our pool during the breaks between terms at these set dates

Wimbledon Centre  – Saturday 3rd of June

Wandsworth Centre – Thursday 1st of June

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Zac Macaulay has been photographing babies underwater for many years all over London and the South of England. He is one of a very few full time underwater photographers and for nearly 25 years has been shooting major ads and wildlife assignments all over the world. He has now set up Little Dolphin Images to provide underwater photography shooting babies for other swim schools and is delighted to shoot for the Trinity Hydro Centre.


Zac has won many international awards including the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Antibes Underwater Film and Photography Festival and was a finalist twice recently in the AOP (Association of Photographer) awards for creative and advertising photography.

How Does the shoot Work

It’s designed to be as similar as possible to your usual lesson – a trained baby handler will act as teacher, and you will have a maximum of four babies in the water during your 30 minute session. This gives your baby a break between dips and allows your baby to feel relaxed. A very experienced baby swim teacher who has been additionally trained in dipping for photo shoots will welcome you into the water, and your shoot will start with a light warm up including a short dip underwater, making sure your baby is as relaxed and happy as possible.

Initial Requirements

Your baby should have attended about two terms of six weeks each at the Trinity Hydro Centre swim school to build up the skills, strength and stamina needed for the photo shoot. Aqua nappies are required either on their own or under a bathing costume as well please.

Your Baby Photo Shoot

Zac shoots all the sessions personally and normally expects to shoot each baby at least 3-5 times underwater in your session, and during each dip take between 1-3 shots. This gives you approximately six to fifteen shots during your 30 minute session. We provide some lovely costumes and flowing materials should you wish to dress up your baby during the latter part of your session or you can opt for simple baby ‘on own’ shots if you wish. We also offer a shot where mum and or dad can join baby underwater too, plus a range of push and glide shots, which we can talk through on the day. Zac uses the very latest and best state of the art cameras, housings and lighting to ensure the best quality image is captured each time.

After the Shoot

  Three working days after the photo shoot you simply login to our secure website with your email address and a password you have made up yourself previously. You then have the opportunity to purchase your personal image gallery of your baby or child.

How does the payment work

• You pay a single child holding deposit of £40 then attend the shoot.
• If you are 100% happy and like the images of your child you can start selecting your personal image gallery from the proofs posted online on your own secure page.
• You can select as few as one image up to how ever many you want.

All images are delivered via email data transfer to your desktop | Additional cost of images sent by DVD – £ 10


Please visit our website:

We hope you will appreciate the uniqueness of the imagery taken at a special point in your child’s life.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Zac Macaulay

Creating Lifelong Memories

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